Knight of Eon: volume 4, the Pact (A.S Silvestre

Knight of Eon: volume 4, the Pact (A.S Silvestre

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At the end of the previous volume, Lia de Beaumont was found on the ground, a bullet in the stomach. But for what reasons did we want to kill her? And that ? D'Eon finally wakes up after weeks between life and death; he has time to reflect and deduces from this that he has failed in his mission; seeing his injuries, everyone was aware of "his condition" as a man!

In France, the head of the Secret is informed of the attack; he delegates a new ambassador to replace the knight, to continue negotiations for the Franco-Russian alliance ... and perhaps to abandon Eon to his fate!

In Russia, on the other hand, Elisabeth I knew he was a man, did not take away his friendship and offered him a pact. She gave him some important assignments as a negotiating agent with the Grand Duchess Catherine née Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst; carrying a special request to Frederick II, King of Prussia concerning the secrecy surrounding the Empress; but above all, to communicate verbally, to the King of France, his agreement for the so desired Franco-Russian alliance!

This fourth volume was eagerly awaited. It is always read with pleasure; the reader, young and old, follows with attention and interest the maneuvers of the Empress, the epic interview with Frederick II of Prussia, the adventures of Lia de Beaumont and the return to France of the Chevalier d'Eon "as a man"!

But how will he be received by Louis XV, King of France?

Chevalier d'Eon, secret agent of the King, Volume 4: Le pacte, by Anne-Sophie Silvestre. Flammarion, January 2013.

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