Cinema release: Ao, the last Neanderthal

Cinema release: Ao, the last Neanderthal

After a tour of previews all over France is released today in all theaters Ao, The Last Neanderthal, by Jacques Malaterre, director of the odyssey of the speciese and d Homo Sapiens. For tens of thousands of years, Neanderthals ruled the planet. Less than 30,000 years ago, he disappeared forever ... Does his blood still flow in our veins? No one knows, except AO the Bearman ... The last of the Neanderthals!

Neanderthal man was discovered in 1856 near Düsseldorf. In the excavation, 14 bones were unearthed, which J. C. Fulhrott identified as human remains: a skullcap, 2 humeri, a radius, an ulna, 2 femurs, 2 clavicles, scapula fragments, a pelvis and ribs. He attributes these remains to the diluvium, an ancient name for the Ice Age.

This discovery is at the origin of an important controversy: Fulhrott and Schaaffhausen indeed consider that the particular characters of these bones make them the fossil witnesses of a "race" which disappeared, whereas R. von Virchow sees there only the remains. of a man suffering from a mental pathology. Still others attribute these remains to a barbarian who came from northern Europe, or to a Cossack who deserted the Russian army in 1814. Thirty years later, with the discovery of the remains of three Neanderthals, in Spy in Belgium, the cause was heard and Neanderthal man was recognized as the first fossil man different from present and contemporary man of extinct animal species (woolly rhinoceros, mammoths). The discovery of the Neanderthals is at the origin of a new science: human paleontology ...

Ao, the last Neanderthal, by Jacques Malaterre, currently in theaters.

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