Charles the Catholic (La Case du Siècle, France 5)

Charles the Catholic (La Case du Siècle, France 5)

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As part of the show La Case du Siècle on France, the documentary Charles the Catholic, 1958-1969 explores the way in which Charles de Gaulle, founder of the Fifth Republic had inscribed secularism in his Constitution, and how he himself, as a believer, had managed to practice his religion, confining it to the strictly private sphere, while assuming the responsibility of leading the State.

This documentary proposes to define the contours of a difficult exercise, which, because it is even more so nowadays, offers avenues for a contemporary reflection on the question of secularism.

Through this historical survey (toured in early 2017) on the life of Charles de Gaulle president, we discover a face less known to the general, that of his Christian faith, the expression of which was nonetheless permanent throughout his life as a man, soldier and head of state. How does de Gaulle act as a statesman and a Christian, if he does not want to be "a Christian statesman"? How did he manage to reconcile his political function and his personal belief? How can this story shed light on the notion of secularism which is the subject of so much debate today?

Stakeholders :
Jean-Luc Melenchon, Member of the European Parliament / Frédérique Neau-Dufour, Historian / Razzy Hammadi, former Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis / Florian Philippot, French Member of Les Patriotes in the European Parliament / François Fillon, former Prime Minister / Michel Onfray, Philosopher / Jean Bauberot, Historian.

Charles the Catholic, the hut of the century, Sunday November 26 at 10:35 p.m. on France 5.

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