The war that made America (All of history)

The war that made America (All of history)

From April 4 to 7, the All History channel invites you to share an exceptional week dedicated to the birth of the American nation. Head to Philadelphia to return to a little-known yet fundamental page in history with the Seven Years' War (1754-1763) during which the French and the British fought to gain control of the North American colonies ...

What were the stakes of this war? And why did it spawn the War of Independence 10 years later? Who were the major players in this conflict? To answer all these questions, Daphné Desjeux set out to meet the greatest specialists of the time, in the company of whom she takes us to discover the high places of this war that made America.

To echo Daphne's journey, find an episode of documentary fiction every day "The war that made America», Presented by Native American comedian Graham Greene. This series, which depicts with rare historical realism the pioneering America of the 18th century, allows us in particular to discover the first steps as military leader of the young George Washington but also the preponderant role of the Indian tribes, who were in reality the 3rd force. present in this conflict.

The war that made America. From April 4 to 7 on the All History thematic channel (cable, satellite, adsl).

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