Roots and Wings: Treasures of the Mediterranean

Roots and Wings: Treasures of the Mediterranean

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The magazine "Roots and wings" this Wednesday May 12 is devoted to the mediterraneane, the region of the world which is home to the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. Fortresses, troglodyte towns, carefully maintained monasteries, preserved natural parks, respected community traditions, it is in Italy, Syria and Greece that we are told of the exceptional wealth of this region. The program focuses, among other things, on the many vestiges of the Crusades that remain in Syria.

To assert their presence in the Holy Land, the Crusaders indeed erected in Syria imposing and impregnable citadels, perched on rocky spurs. These powerful fortresses marked the Christian reign for two centuries. The Krak des Chevaliers is the most impressive and best-preserved citadel in the whole of the Holy Land. Intended to defend the Latin States, these fortresses shelter orders of monk-soldiers, organized in standing army, like the Hospitallers and the Templars. Taking advantage of this new communication with the Orient, Mediterranean trade intensifies and becomes flourishing.

Roots and wings: guardians of the treasures of the Mediterranean, Wednesday May 12 at 8:40 pm on France 3. Replay on May 14 at 2:30 am.

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