Lafayette International Historical Colloquium, here we are

Lafayette International Historical Colloquium, here we are

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On November 10, 2017, the Société des Cincinnati de France, the oldest Franco-American friendship association, announces the opening of the historic international conference " Lafayette, here we are. The American engagement in France, 1917-1918. »

This international scientific event organized in partnership with the Paris-Sorbonne University aims to shed light, through contributions from leading historians, on the way in which the United States and France cooperated during the First World War.

On the evening of 23 November at the Cercle de Union Interalliée, after the opening speeches of Hubert Védrine, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and of Mr. D. Brent Hardt charge d'affaires of the United States Embassy in France, the Professor André Kaspi will deliver the inaugural conference by presenting the major challenges of historical Franco-American relations.

These speeches will be extended by a round table of big bosses moderated by Nicolas Beytout, president of L'Opinion on the theme of the role of History and mentalities in Franco-American economic successes.

Then, on November 24 and 25 at the Sorbonne, the best German, American, English and French historians will analyze this event.

The conference will be open to the general public subject to free registration on the site:

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