History of Photography in Brighton

History of Photography in Brighton


Neither the article or the advertisement in the Brighton Guardianof 10 November 1841 mentions the name of “The Proprietor”of the Photographic Institution. The anonymous proprietorwas William Constable, a multi-talentedman, who at the age of 58 was entering a new field of enterprise,which would draw upon those inventive skills which he had previouslydemonstrated in the world of science, art and business.

Advertisementfor William Constable's Photographic Institution ( Brighton Guardian10 November 1841)

In the 1851 Census, William Constable gave his occupation as ‘FlourManufacturer and Heliographic Artist’, but this descriptionfails to reflect what had up to then been an extraordinary and colourfulcareer. A man without the benefit of an extended formal education,William Constable had worked at various times as a successful highstreet draper, an inventor of scientific devices, a watercolourartist, cartographer, land surveyor, architect , bridge builder,engineer, and the surveyor of a thirty mile stretch of the Londonto Brighton Turnpike Road.

[SOURCE2] At an age when most men would be entering the last stageof their working life, William Constable decided to embrace a newtechnology and embark on a new career as a Photographic Artist.

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